In our spinning division the focus is on retaining the purity of the nature sourced fibre. This is achieved by using mix of conventional, people monitoring process and state of art machinery.

Our spinning floor sports a range of machines from LMW, Trutzschler and Rieter. This allows us to have complete control over spinning process and there by ensures maximum purity. We specialise in the following counts

Yarn Type Range Its End Use Application
Combed compact 40s, 50s, 60s Weaving, sheeting, shirting
Combed 30s, 40s Weaving, sheeting, shirting
Carded 16s, 20s, 30s Denim

Department Machinery Make (Manufacturers Name)
Bale Plucker Truetzschler
Blow room LMW,Truetzschler
Carding LC300V3,LMW & Truetzschler TC05.
Waste Collection/Cotton sorter system VXL
Roving Transport System -
Silver,Ribbon Lap -
Cots & Aprons Precitex
Comber LK54&LK64, LMW
Cans,Bobbins,wax rolls,Bobbin Holders,Springs Rimtex,Ideal,LMW
Cards -
Finisher&Breaker DO/6&LD2 ,LMW & D221 Rieter
Draw Frame LRSB851,LDZ,LMW
Speed Frame LF1400&LF4200,LMW
Ring Frame LR6/S&LR9AXL, LMW
Cone Winding machine AC338,AC5,SCHFHORST & 21C LINK MURATA
Humidification&air handling unit BATLIBOI
Simplex LF1400A,LF4200LMW
Spindle Tapes HABASIT
Gear accessories,Textile Bearings LMW
Electrical Infrastructure CROMPTON
Air Compressors /DG Set KAESER/CUMMINS
Ring Travellers LRT,AB CARTER
Lap Former LMW,LH15
Contamination Cleaner/Spark Diversion system JOSSI,VETAL/VETAL
Transformers/Switchgears.UPS Inverters ESENNAR,L&T,SIEMENS,CONSOLE
Cot Grinding Machine PERFECT
Over Head Travelling Cleaners UNIROLS
For Testing/checking Instrument Make
Yarn Evenness Test UT-5,USTER
Fiber Process control Test USTER
Yarn trash analyzer&appearance test PIONEER
RKM Test -
Classimat/CSP Test PIONEER
Electronic Twist Test PIONEER
Yarn Clearers QUANTUM -2 & QUANTUM-3 ,USTER
Cotton Trash Analysis -
Baer Sorting Staple Testing -
Yarn TPI Testing PIONEER
Lea Strength Testing PIONEER